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GR City Hall Has Not Forgotten the Potholes

GR City Hall Has Not Forgotten the Potholes
Posted Friday, February 21st 2014 @ 9am  by WOOD Radio News Team

Grand Rapids City Manager Greg Sundstrom feels your axle's pain, but wants drivers to know that the city has no quick fix for the potholes.

A statement from Sundstrom's office this morning says "the only remedy currently available to the City to fill potholes is cold patch, a mixture of gravel and asphalt, which is temporary in nature."

He, and other road agencies, have explained to WOOD Radio that the more permanent patches must wait for the seasonal asphalt plants to begin operation.

Even then, the hot asphalt will not be an effective patch until the roads are dry.

Until then, Sundstrom says the city's crews will be dispatched to fill the largest holes with the temporary cold patch, as weather permits.

Report Grand Rapids potholes via the GR311 mobile app, or by calling Public Services at 456-3232.

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